• Mt Calvary Lutheran Chruch Building Rental Agreement

  • Mt. Calvary Lutheran Chruch ELCA

    8129 Packard

    Warren, MI 48089

    Office 586-757-0319

  • Request may be given by phone to the church secretary (586) 757-0319 or by website. Joe Monaco will contact the person wanting to lease the facility and handle the approval and logistics of the agreement. Once final arrangements are complete, Joe will give the set up instructions to Building & Property Chairperson who will handle the arrangements.

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    • Tiime limit is 4 hours including your setup & departure from building additional time $25 per hour. All rooms.
    • Refundable reservation fee of $25 is required at time of reservation.

    LONG TERM RENTALS: Request must be submitted in writing along with a completed rental application. Said request will be negotiated and approved by Executive Board. The renter is responsible for the condition of the property of all damage to building, kitchen and all equipment used under your lease agreement. Required clean up by lessees includs wiping up spills on flooor, tables, chairs, counter tops and stoves. Wash all dishes, utensils pots, pans, coffee pots and put them away. Do not leave food or leftoverson counters, or in refrigerator. Do not leave ice in refridgerator (its not a freezer). Kitchen cleanup is still required even if your dinn is catered. Church property is not to be taken off premises. The church provides trash bages and bathroom paper products. Napkins, table covering are not provided.

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